The Gospel is such Good News that one cannot remain unchanged upon hearing the truth of its message, and like all good things in this life it spurs us to want to share it.

We are all natural evangelist, we have a need to share good things, almost as if to complete our enjoyment of it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram show how powerful our drive is to share our joy, whether it is a new song, corner cafe, or the first few steps of a child, we love to share the good things we find. The Gospel is no different, its joy wells up inside and cannot help but be shared.

The sharing of our joy in Christ, far from lessening, actually increases our enjoyment of God. Here are some ways at Hebron that you too can seek to share the joy of the Gospel.

Ways to Live


Here are ways that you can live and be a part of things that we are passionate about here at Hebron.

Ways to Give


Here are some ways to give, not just to Hebron, but also to the things we are passionate about.