Our story

Hebron Christian Reformed Church of Whitby was started in 1954 by members of the Rehoboth Christian Reformed Church in Bowmanville who lived in the Oshawa-Whitby area. This initial group of 149 people worshiped in a rented hall in Oshawa.

The name ‘Hebron’ was prayerfully chosen, as its Biblical meaning is “a place of refuge” – a safe place. It was and continues to be our prayer that all who join us at Hebron will feel secure in the presence of God and His growing family.

In 1957 a new facility was built at 30 Elizabeth Crescent, Whitby – later to be known as 407 Crawforth St. More families continued to join. Hebron Church later helped give birth to congregations in Oshawa, Port Perry and Ajax.

In May of 2003 we moved into our present facilities on Anderson Street.

The Christian Reformed denomination has its roots in Europe. During the time of the Protestant Reformation many different denominations were formed. We are part of the Reformed family of churches that has its origin in Switzerland and The Netherlands.

The Christian Reformed Church is a bi-national denomination with offices in Burlington, Ontario and Grand Rapids, Michigan. For more information go to www.crcna.org


We believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

He is the sole Creator of all that is visible and invisible. He is completely good, the source of all goodness, and He created a good world.

Humanity’s sin separated us from God, and broke God’s good creation. But God, out of love for His world and humanity, sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world, so that He might save the world through Him.

Christ, on the cross, paid the debt of sin that separated humanity from God, freeing the world to once again be united with God and each other. On the third day Jesus Christ rose from the dead conquering humanity’s last enemy: eternal death.

This is the Good News that Hebron Church holds to; it is a Gospel of grace. Humanity–you and I–are not made right with God through our own ability or good deeds, but we are made right with God through no other means than the saving work of Jesus Christ on our behalf.

To learn more about what we believe please visit the Christian Reformed Church of North

America’s website: http://www.crcna.org/welcome/beliefs