Generation Spark

Hebron is part of the Generation Spark initiative; a program that develops and supports intergenerational relationships by pairing young people (16-24) with a mentor. Together, these partners identify an area of need, brainstorm solutions, and put their plans into action! Generation Spark meets real needs and develops meaningful intergenerational relationships along the way. For more information, contact the office at

Serving Opportunities for Youth 

Hebron's youth aren't limited to the youth group on  Wednesdays at 1Nite; they play an integral role in the life of Hebron Church!

We believe you are never too young to be involved in church life, and one way our young people reflect lives of Passionate Discipleship is their involvement in so many different ways!

Right now, Hebron's youth are already actively serving on the Sunday Morning Worship Teams, on the Tech Teams behind the scenes, in the Discipleship Centre (library), and as assistants in our Covenant Kids classrooms.

Hebron's youth are also given meaningful opportunities to serve as leaders during our annual summer programming like Vacation Bible School and Hebron's annual Sports Camp. Even with all this, there are always more opportunities for young people to get involved!

As Passionate Disciples of Jesus Christ, we want to serve because of who Jesus is: God who came to serve. To get started or find out more, please contact


Come join our 1Nite Kids Club for 3rd-6th graders, our 1Nite Youth Group for teens in grades 7-12, 1Nite Mandarin Bible study, or 1Nite Cafe and fellowship! 

Each week at 1Nite Kids Club participants will be given opportunities to grow in their faith, develop strong friendships in small groups, and learn different life skills in the kitchen, shop, and craft room.

The 1Nite youth group will be building relationships together through sharing food, games, Bible studies, and off-site excursions!

Adults are welcome to join our 1Nite Cafe and fellowship or Mandarin Bible study.

All groups will meet at Hebron on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30 pm.

If you have any questions regarding the 1Nite Kids program, feel free to contact Cheryl Daniel at For questions regarding the youth program, please contact Daniel Le Forestier at, and to learn about the other programs please contact